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Sour Diesel

The ORIGINAL West Coast Sour Diesel (Oaksterdam phenotype) known for its heavy yields and uplifting effects.  Sour Diesel is a descendant of the legendary Chem Dawg '91 strain and retains many of the same characteristics that made Chem Dawg '91 so famous.  The taste is piney and skunky with a subtle hint of gasoline.  Sour Diesel boasts a classic and unmistakable aroma that has earned it a place in many professional gardens.  Simply put: Sour Diesel is a "can't miss" strain that people ask for by name.  The yield is extremely generous with chunky flowers that take 9-10 weeks to mature.

Girl Scout Cookie

The new favorite of the San Francisco Bay Area, this immensely popular strain contains a myriad of flavors that include chocolate, bubble gum, and menthol.  The genetics are a three-way cross between Durban Poison x OG Kush x Cherry Kush.  The finished flowers are extremely resinous and will turn purple when grown in cooler temperatures.  Novices be warned, this strain is very potent and is NOT recommended for the casual smoker or those seeking treatment for anxiety.  The yield is medium to large and the flowers reach maturity in about 9 weeks.

Infinite Euphoria

You heard right.....  That mythical strain that most people dismissed as being an Internet rumor is finally here, and boy does it live up to its reputation!  Infinite Euphoria is a cross between Euphoria Unlimited x Infinity.  This plant is extremely hearty with thick branches that yield enormous, dense, shiny, buds.  The taste is sweet and skunky with notes of tangerine.  The original breeder claims this strain can produce flowers that contain 43% THC.  This plant also finishes quickly, reaching full maturity in just 7-8 weeks.   


Fire OG Kush

Fire OG has risen to an uncommon level of fame thanks to its popularity amoung actors, musicians, and Hollywood celebrities.  The flavor is clean and smooth with strong notes of lemon, citrus, and skunk.  The aroma can only be described as "heavenly."  The finished flowers are light green with vibrant red hairs and dense, medium-sized buds.  Fire OG is a cross between OG Kush x SFV OG F3 and is perhaps the most potent of all the OG varieties, making this strain a favorite amoung cannabis connoisseurs.  The yield is medium and the flowers finish is about 8-9 weeks.

Voodoo Kush

Voodoo Kush was first bred in the Netherlands in the late 1990's from Thai genetics.  The flowers are large and green with shiny crystals that give it tremendous bag-appeal.  Voodoo Kush performs equally well in hydroponic gardens as well as soil-based set ups, making it ideal for a wide range of growers.  The taste and aroma are similar to the well-known U.K. Cheese strain with sweet notes of butter and lime and just a hint of spice. The yield is large and the flowers only take 8 weeks to finish. 

Purple Church

Anyone who appreciates a good purple strain will LOVE this plant.  Purple Church is a descendant of the up-and-coming "The Church" strain, which was given its name by the heavy metal band System of a Down back in 2005.  This plant harbors an extraordinary resistance to molds, making it ideal for high-humidity environments.  Purple Church has the classic purple taste and smell of Grandaddy Purple but boasts a higher yield and more vigorous branches.  Purple Church finishes in 9 weeks.