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Buy cannabis clones online and have them shipped to your door!


All of our clones are 6-8 inches tall, fully rooted, and pest, mold, & disease free! 

We only carry the finest top-shelf genetics!

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Clones on SALE!

All Cannabis Clones for Sale

We update our clone inventory every day!

Keep checking back for the freshest marijuana clones!

You can also click on the strain you want and select:
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Hydroponic Supplies

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Live Marijuana Clones.png
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Live cannabis plants for sale.png
Live Marijuana Clones for sale.png
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Live cannabis Clones for sale.png
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Learn How to Grow Marijuana

Discover new ways of growing marijuana and learn the secrets of professional marijuana growers with:

Marijuana Horticulture

Jorge Cervantes

The original ULTIMATE GUIDE for growing marijuana!
Marijuana Horticulture

This is the book that inspired an entire generation of growers. Just flip through the pages and you'll quickly realize why professional growers call it "The Bible."

Jorge Cervantes leaves no stone unturned. This book includes detailed information about every stage of the growing process and comes with informative illustrations that will answer all of your questions!

Avoid costly mistakes and put yourself on the path to success by learning cultivation secrets from the original expert cultivator!

Other Recommended Books for Growing Marijuana:


Hemp Diseases and Pests: Management and Biological Control

By J.M. McPartland, R.C. Cook & D.P. Watson

Though expensive, this textbook-size volume includes detailed information on absolutely every last pest and plant disease that affects cannabis. 

The information this book contains has been accumulated over the past 50 years and contains details regarding economic impacts, geographical and host-plant range, plant symptoms, taxonomical description, life history, and differential diagnosis. 

Cultural, mechanical, and biological controls and highlighted with charts, illustrations, and explicit instructions.


Farmer's Almanac - Paperback

By Farmer's Almanac (Peter Geiger & Sondra Sampaio Duncan)

Just the right mix of weather, wit, fact, fascination, and fun!


Each print edition contains 16 months of weather forecasts that help you plan for your vacations, special events, holidays, and gardens! But you may not realize how many more interesting, unusual, entertaining, and informative articles are contained in every edition.


Each Farmers' Almanac contains calendars that help you plan your life. They list the best days to garden, fish, watch shooting stars, quit a bad habit, and gaze at the Moon. Their long-range weather forecasts start with September 2022 and go through December 2023. 


Marijuana Garden Saver

By J.C. Stitich, (Edited by Ed Rosenthal)

This user-friendly field guide may be a bit on the pricier side, but the first time it saves you from a costly mistake, you'll realize that your money was well-spent.

Learn how to diagnose garden issues and reverse catastrophes that threaten your harvest. You'll learn how to implement solutions to common garden problems like a seasoned professional.

The Marijuana Garden Saver is divided into five sections: Pests, Diseases, Environmental Stresses, Nutrient Deficiencies, and Controls.

These fast-and-easy solutions are lifesavers!

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