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CBD for Kids - Is CBD Safe to Give to a Child?

Is CBD Safe for Children?

CBD or Cannabidiol is the all-natural extract of marijuana plants. Over the past few years, there has been a vast amount of research done on the accepted uses of CBD.

This research has resulted in the discovery of many medical benefits associated with CBD.

Research conducted by the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh found that CBD could help prevent the onset of autism and other challenging health conditions.

In this post, we will discuss how CBD can be used to reduce discomfort in children.

How to use CBD when children are sick

So we all know that children are highly vulnerable to specific ailments. This fact is why many parents use a CBD supplement to manage pain and help them cope with medical conditions such as migraines, neck pain, epilepsy, and arthritis.

A study carried out in San Francisco found that CBD could help reduce the discomfort associated with patients who have epilepsy.

The research found out that adding CBD to a standard antiepileptic medication helped provide relief without increasing the risk of side effects.

Another study, published in the Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics, revealed that CBD could be used to reduce swelling in nerve tissue.

According to the study, CBD blocks the activity of a significant pain-transmitting chemical, known as substance P.

The study found out that CBD reduced the level of substance P in the nerve cells. It also helped relieve pain and improved patients’ sleep by decreasing the release of another pain-transmitter, known as histamine.

How to Use CBD when Children have Difficulty Sleeping

A recent study revealed that CBD helped children who have insomnia. The study showed that CBD helped in reducing the chemical imbalances in the brain responsible for insomnia.

The study also found out that CBD helped in keeping the children’s digestive system functioning correctly.

The study included 46 Children between eight and 14 years and 11 adults. The sample size was large enough to reveal whether CBD affected people between the ages of 8 and 18.

According to the study, CBD worked better than all other drugs tested. The study revealed that CBD helped in easing the sleep of adults. It also helped in waking up the children earlier in the morning.

Using CBD when Children have PTSD

Children who have PTSD are often unable to sleep well. A lack of sleep can have a negative impact on their physical and mental health.

The researchers, who conducted a study on the effectiveness of CBD to treat PTSD in children, concluded that CBD, when administered before going to sleep, can help in calming anxious children.

The study was carried out in 2017. The results showed that CBD improved sleep and emotional problems in children who have PTSD.

According to the study, the cannabis-derived compounds produced a calming effect on children.

The study also revealed that CBD helped in decreasing seizures. It also helped in reducing night-time anxiety in children.

A study published in the Journal of Pediatrics revealed that CBD helped reduce discomfort in infants with severe insomnia.

According to the study, CBD helped in reducing the time it took children to fall asleep. It also helped in reducing the time it took children to get up from the bed.

The study included 49 infants less than one year of age. The children were randomly divided into two groups.

Thirty-four infants received CBD, and 15 infants received a placebo.

According to the study, CBD helped in reducing the severity of the infants’ insomnia. It helped in improving their sleep.

The study also revealed that the amount of CBD used and how long the child took to take medicine did not affect the treatment outcome.

The study also revealed that CBD helped in reducing the frequency of infant crying.

What is CBD Oil?

CBD stands for Cannabidiol. CBD oil is an oil extracted from Cannabis sativa. It is a THC-free substance that has been used as a medicine in Asia for thousands of years.

CBD oil is extracted from flowers, leaves, and stalks. It is also tested to ensure that the THC content is low and that only CBD is extracted.

CBD oil comes in various forms. You can take it out of a capsule and swallow it, you can rub it on your skin or absorb it through your skin, or you can vaporize it.

The most popular way is taking it as a gummy bear. If you are a parent of a small child, you probably know how expensive it is to buy all the little vitamins and supplements your child needs.

You can put CBD into regular gummy bears, and the kid will be happy.

What is a CBD Tincture?

A tincture is a liquid that is ingested orally. It consists of an oil base suspended in a liquid.

The tincture can come in many different forms, including capsules, tablets, and e-liquid.

Can Children use CBD?

Children often use CBD to deal with seizures, anxiety, and insomnia. CBD has also been shown to help with cancer in children. It also reduces the frequency and severity of seizures in epilepsy.

CBD oil has various benefits for a child, but CBD is not like other pharmaceutical products.

CBD is all-natural, and so it doesn’t have the side effects that most pharmaceutical products do.

Is CBD Safe for Children?

Absolutely! There have been no reported side effects have shown that are in any way dangerous for children.

People fail to remember that when CBD is used correctly, it has absolutely no side effects. Research suggests that CBD is beneficial for children; it is safe and is hopefully going to help them.

Of course, medicinal products are not monitored by the FDA. So it is difficult to predict what would happen to children. However, it is known that CBD is far from dangerous and so it is worth a try.

Why CBD Dosage Is Important

If you are taking CBD oil orally, you can take one drop under the tongue and hold for 60 seconds.

This action gives an immediate sense of relaxation, but it is not a full dose.

There have not yet been any formal studies into the amount of CBD that children can use. However, luckily, there have been some studies conducted into the amount of CBD that adults need.

The dosage that adults need is generally between 2.5 to 5 milligrams.

CBD oil can be given to children. However, the dosage that the children need depends on the amount of Cannabidiol that is in the oil. Depending on the CBD oil product that you use, you might find differing amounts of CBD.

Dosage for older children should be around 10 to 20 drops a day. The dosage for younger children is much lower.

If you are giving CBD oil to a child for the first time, start with a small amount of .5 milligrams and work your way up.

It’s essential to keep in mind that CBD oil is not addictive. However, it is crucial to follow the instructions above and only give your child the amount of CBD oil your child needs.

Can CBD Be Used in Pregnancy and During Child Birth

A lot of women report success with CBD during labor and delivery. There is a rise in the number of women using CBD oil to help with labor.

Research has suggested that using a synthetic form of CBD can help to ease pain during childbirth. Several other factors can explain the increase in the popularity of CBD during labor.

Firstly, there is a lot of information out there. People are starting to realize that they can manage pain more naturally.

Women are also beginning to ask for more natural options for labor and delivery. Secondly, people are starting to understand how marijuana works and are beginning to experiment with it.

Effects of CBD During Labor

Some medical professionals have reported that the use of CBD during labor has helped reduce the length of labor. Some women have reported experiencing shorter labor times as well as a reduction in pain.

Some women have even reported being able to deliver naturally and without the use of painkillers after birth.

Below I have outlined a few ways that CBD during labor has helped with labor times.

Reduce pain

Pain reduction is probably one of the most common ways CBD has been used to help with labor. A large number of women have reported that they have found it helpful in reducing pain during childbirth.

Some women are scared of potential future effects on their children, but studies have shown that CBD has no adverse side effects.

Enhance relaxation

A study has shown that anxiety is a significant factor in labor times. The use of cannabis, or the use of synthetic forms of it, has been found to help increase relaxation and decrease levels of anxiety.

Speed up labor

There have been studies that report the use of CBD has sped up labor.

Know Your Limits

With everything that has been written above, you must be aware of how well CBD helps.

There is no doubt that CBD has positive effects like being used as an analgesic during labor. However, several factors can influence the outcome.

Firstly, the women’s body type. If you have a long and narrow body, you will likely be able to get more relief with CBD. If you are petite, you might have less success.

Secondly, the type of pain you are experiencing during labor. Some women experience pain during birth. Some women experience pain after childbirth. Some women experience pain that lasts for hours after the delivery.

Because there are so many factors that can affect the outcome, you need to seek advice from a medical professional. A medical professional will diagnose the type of pain you are experiencing and advise you about ways to see if it would be beneficial to use CBD.


CBD’s well-documented health benefits make it an excellent natural remedy for children and aging adults.

I have examined the safety of CBD oil and its benefits for children. CBD oil is safe and helps with a spate of common childhood illnesses.

It is essential to draw up the pros and cons of any drug or remedy to decide whether it’s right for you or your child before investing in it.

I hope that this blog post has helped you make an informed decision about CBD oil for your children!

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