This is a ultra premium, triple pass, triple cold filtered, FULL-GRAM 87% THC distillate vape cartridge from Pure Intense Certified Organics (PICO).


Designed for optimized and discreet vaping, it is leak-proof and child-proof with burn-proof technology so that your oil will never burn or turn brown.


It also has an adjustable airflow regulator for extra control over inhalation and flavour; and will deliver the perfect hit until the cartridge is empty.


This is truly the Rolls Royce of cartridges and the best product on the market.


PICO cartridges are made with high-grade surgical steel, Pyrex glass, and a third generation Swiss-made ceramic coil.


The THC distillate is made from only organic BC marijuana and flavours derived from cannabis plant essential oils (terpenes).


We use our patented 5-step extraction process to ensure the highest quality product available.

Warheadz Premium Distillate - Candyland (1000 mg)

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$105.00Sale Price

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