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The Top 20 All-Time Best Weed Strains - And Where to Find Them

Updated: Mar 11, 2023

The best weed strains is a highly controversial topic among weed growers. I've heard countless arguments about which weed strains are the best weed strains for this, that, or the other thing; and I've been fortunate enough to personally experience a plethora of cannabis varieties over the years.

Let me be clear... These are my top 20 all-time best weed strains.

I think I'm in a good position to know, but there will always be people who disagree with me, and that's fine.

Either way, I hope you find this information to be helpful.

Table of Contents

The Best Weed Strains for Sex

Weed and sex go together like pizza and sex, or chocolate and sex; or wine and sex... you get the idea. Weed has been used as an aphrodisiac for thousands of years, and for a very good reason.

It works.

Weed increases arousal, lowers inhibitions, and heightens the senses. Weed has also been shown to increase blood flow which can help treat erectile dysfunction and similar conditions.

But if you Google 'Best Weed for Sex' you'll get a wide variety of answers.

That's why I'm going to go out on a limb and give you my personal recommendation - based on years upon years of experience combining the two.

Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel is not a "chill" high - in fact, quite the opposite. Sour Diesel is good for when you need to clean the house, or go to the gym, or make passionate, animalistic love to your partner.

Simply put, Sour Diesel gets me AMPED.

The euphoric and uplifting effects paired with that distinct characteristic piney aroma make Sour Diesel ideal for anything that requires physical exertion.

Trust me, if you're looking to up the excitement in the bedroom, Sour Diesel is a good place to start.

Just try not to disturb the neighbors.

Sour Diesel is available in clone form only.

Wedding Cake

Another excellent weed strain for sex is Wedding Cake - mainly for its ability to increase sensitivity and promote relaxation.

If you're looking for a softer, more intimate and sensual sexual experience, then Wedding Cake is the strain for you.

Wedding Cake provides the same euphoria and Sour Diesel, but Wedding Cake is more relaxing as opposed to uplifting - making it perfect for a quiet evening with your romantic partner.

Wedding Cake is available in clone form only.


Though not a strain of marijuana, Foria is worth mentioning too. Foria is an infused lube that is safe to use on all sexual organs.

Foria's product line includes both THC and CBD infused lubes, as well as a wide variety of other infused bath products that have all been designed with intimacy in mind.

Simply put: Foria is the perfect way to incorporate weed into sex.

You can buy Foria online and have it shipped to your door discreetly.

The Best Weed Strains for Sleeping

Cannabis has a unique ability to promote healthy, restful sleep. In fact, the #1 most common usage for medical cannabis is to help people sleep.

There are a lot of weed strains that will help you sleep but there are a few that have a reputation for calming a restless mind and soothing a weary body.

It's no coincidence that these strains are also ideal for reducing inflammation.

Granddaddy Purple

The Granddaddy of all purple weed Granddaddy Purple is a solid choice for a restful night sleep. The intense couch-lock effects will have you out like a light within two hours of your first puff.

Just make sure that you dedicate time to a full-night's sleep before indulging in this drowsy strain.

Granddaddy Purple is available in seed form only.

Girl Scout Cookie

Girl Scout Cookie is another excellent choice for counteracting insomnia.

It's heavy indica qualities will immediately go to work soothing your every ache and pain. This strain will numb your body and quiet your mind.

It's also delicious.

Girl Scout Cookie is available in seed and clone form.


A descendant of Girl Scout Cookie, Oreoz retains all of the qualities that make the original Girl Scout Cookie ideal for getting a restful night's' sleep; but without any paranoia.

Oreoz is available in clone form only.

The Best Purple Weed Strains

Purple weed has developed a cult-like following that no other category of cannabis has managed to achieve.

Anyone who has ever smoked deep purple weed probably understands why.

The taste is completely unique and the high is usually incredibly strong.

The mere fact that the weed appears purple indicates that the bud was grown with care under the supervision of a skilled, professional grower with excellent environmental control.

For true fans of purple weed, there simply is no substitute.


A gourmet phenotype of a strong genetic cross from Cookie Fam, Gelato has become renowned amount growers in Northern California and beyond.

Gelato has every characteristic of a classic purple indica strain - heavy amounts of terpenes that lead to an almost narcotic-like body high, all wrapped up in a sweet & earthy cookie dough flavor.

Gelato is available in seed form only.

Confidential Purp

This cross between Granddaddy Purple #5 and LA Confidential is the perfect blend of purple weed characteristics and OG flavor.

Confidential Purp is also a surprisingly high yielding strain for purple weed.

This rare combination of flavor, effects, and yield have made this strain incredibly popular in gardens throughout Oakland and South Central LA.

Confidential Purp is available in seed form only.

Critical Purple Kush

If you like the effects of purple weed but prefer a fruitier taste, then Critical Purple Kush in a great choice for you.

You'll still feel that same couch-lock numbness that purple weed is known for, but you'll taste lemon, pineapple, and skunk as opposed to grape and musk.

Critical Purple Kush is available in seed form only.

The Best Weed Strains for Anxiety

Weed doesn't always have a beneficial effect on anxiety. That's why anyone seeking relief from anxiety should choose their weed carefully.

Obama Runtz

The happy and euphoric effects of Obama Runtz make this strain an ideal choice for anyone suffering from anxiety or depression.

Obama Runtz is beautiful cross between Afghani #1 x OG Kush that became popular around the greater Atlanta area after going viral in a YouTube video.

Although the exact origins of this strain are unknown, it is an extremely heavy trichome producer.

Obama Runtz is available in clone form only.

Durban Poison

Durban Poison has long been lauded for its ability to boost mood and focus. It's a great choice for anyone managing anxiety, ADHD, depression, or a general lack-of-enthusiasm for life.

It's a strong one too.

Durban Poison routinely tests above 20% THC and thrives in sunny weather.

Consumers also tend to associate the "giggle fits" with Durban Poison, more so than other sativa strains.

Durban Poison is available in seed form only.

The Best Weed Strains for Creativity

It's easy to understand why artists love weed so much - cannabis calms the mind and frees your thoughts.

Whenever I'm struggling with a formidable challenge or a problem that I can't solve, I take a little smoke break and then I'm usually able to conjure-up a creative solution.

Marijuana has been inspiring creativity for thousands of years.

Super Silver Haze

The uplifting and cerebral effects of Super Silver Haze have made this strain a favorite among day smokers.

The high is potent yet mellow that won't leave you feeling tired two hours later.

Super Silver Haze is sure to have a positive impact on any creative process.

Super Silver Haze is available in seed form only.

Pipe Dream

Another popular choice among creative types is Pipe Dream.

Pipe Dream has been described as being energizing and invigorating, with a unique ability to promote inner peace - the perfect combination for creative thinking!

Daytime smokers will appreciate the productive nature of this high as well.

Pipe dream is highly recommended for anyone suffering from anxiety, depression, PTSD; or anyone who just wants an uplifting, positive high.

Pipe Dream is available in clone form only.

The Best Weed Strains for Depression

Cannabis has a miraculous ability to lift the mood of anyone suffering from depression.

Like we used to say as kids: "When you inhale the good shit, you exhale the bullshit."

That axiom has help true over the years.

Mutsu Apples

The powerful cerebral effects of Mutsu Apples can ease the symptoms of depression and help promote a healthy mental outlook.

Mutsu Apples is also highly effective for managing anxiety and PTSD.

Mutsu Apples is available in clone form only.

Jack Herer

Named after the life-long cannabis activist, the Jack Herer strain has enjoyed a reputation for easing mental burdens since the 1980's.

Jack Herer has spawned an entire generation of genetic crosses that all pay homage to this incredibly popular strain.

The taste and smell are unmistakable and have distinct notes of pine and cleaning products.

Jack Herer is available in seed form only.

The Best Weed Strains for Pain

One of the oldest uses for medical cannabis is pain relief. People who suffer from chronic pain have found tremendous relief in cannabis-based medicine and there is a good reason why.

On a molecular level, weed has a direct impact on the human nervous system and can dampen the effect of pain signals.

We recommend the following strains for anyone who may be suffering from chronic pain.

Jealousy F3

This potent indica-dominant hybrid has a growing reputation among medical cannabis patients for its ability to numb pain by easing inflammation and promoting healthy, restful sleep.

Jealousy F3 is one of those rare purple strains that looks and feels like a true classic indica, but tastes sweeter and has an aroma which includes notes of diesel and citrus.

The high is relaxing and euphoric, but Jealous F3 also has a tendency to linger for quite a while, which is why it's our number one choice for pain management.

Jealous F3 is available in clone form only.

Girl Scout Cookie

I know we've already recommended Girl Scout Cookie for insomnia, but we would be morally remiss if we didn't also recommend it for pain.

Besides, anything that's good for insomnia will probably also be effective against chronic pain, particularly associated with common inflammations like arthritis and Crohn's disease.

And yes, it's also delicious.

Girl Scout Cookie is available in seed and clone form.

Critical Purple Kush

The fact that Critical Purple Kush was already mentioned as one of the best purple weed strains doesn't diminish it's standing as one of the best strains for pain management too.

Consumers of Critical Purple Kush should plan on reaping all of the medicinal benefits that people generally associate with purple weed, but with a flavor that contains undenyable notes of tropical fruit.

Critical Purple Kush is available in seed form only.

The Best Weed Strains of All Time

OK, I confess... These aren't really the best weed strains of all time. That's because in order to accurately judge the best weed of all time, I would have to have tried every single cross that's ever been available; anywhere in the world, over the centuries.

Now, I enjoy weed as much as the next guy, but let's face it... Who the hell really knows??

I've traveled to Amsterdam for the Cannabis Cup, I've been to Spannabis, I've studied at Oaksterdam, I have more than a couple grower friends, and I've tried a lot of weed.

Alas, I still haven't tried it all.

I'm working on it though. In the meantime, these are my 'Best Weed Strains of All Time.'

But hopefully you agree.

Super Skunk

Old school stoners can remember a time when weed smelled unmistakably skunky. Over the past twenty years, breeders have diluted that classic skunky smell with sweeter, fruitier genetics.

An unfortunate unintended consequence of this trend was that skunky weed has become increasingly harder to find; but that true skunky aroma is unparalleled in the cannabis community.

Super Skunk (also known as Skunk #1) is that original flavor from back in the good old days when weed was called 'grass.'

If you're looking to make an old man's day, hand him a joint of Super Skunk.

Super Skunk is available in seed form only.

Donny Burger #5

Donny Burger #5 has achieved celebrity status among cannabis strains and anyone who has ever tried it will understand why.

For one thing, it's strong.

Like, really strong.

But the real reason that Donny Burger #5 is so popular is the flavor.

Donny Burger #5 is another one of those throwback strains with notes of diesel, skunk, and pine that have become so difficult to find.

It's also highly medicinal.

Medical patients have reported significant relief from pain and inflammation after consuming this exceptional weed strain.

Donny Burger #5 is a former Cannabis Cup winner and High Times Magazine centerfold; and is available in clone form only.


One of, if not the most popular OG cross of all time is the San Fernando Valley OG Kush, or SFV OG.

Legend has it that a group of teenagers bought a bag of weed from some old hippy at a Grateful Dead concert in Golden Gate Park back in the seventies and it was some of the best weed they had ever smoked.

They found a couple seeds at the bottom of the bag and they took those seeds home with them to a house in Pacifica just south of San Francisco.

They planted some of those seeds in a garden that overlooked the Pacific Ocean. The plants that sprouted were weak and yielded poorly; but they still managed to spawn was some of the finest weed known to man.

There have been different crosses made from the original True OG to help bolster its resistance to environmental stress and boost its yield while still preserving that original OG flavor.

SFV OG Kush is among an elite group of front-runners in that contest.

Although still only a medium yielder, SFV OG Kush has that lemony, piney, skunky goodness that makes heads turn for fifty feet in every direction.

True OG and Fire OG each deserve an honorable mention, but I'm partial to the SFV OG.

SFV OG Kush is available in both seed and clone form.


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